Batavia Services – Frequently Asked Questions


What type of ladders can Batavia Inspect and repair?

Batavia can inspect and repair most all types of portable ladders, including but not limited to: fiberglass, wooden, central office rolling ladders, metal rolling ladders, step ladders, combination ladders, etc.

Can Batavia service & repair retail equipment such as bulk carts, shopping carts, flatbed carts, shelving carts, and most all types of rolling ladders?


Does Batavia sell ladders to their customers?


Are you an insured ladder repair company and is your general liability specific to ladder repair?


Can you come out to repair one or two ladders?

Generally we do not. We generally come out for minimum of 15 to 20 ladders to repair onsite. The reason being is that each technician is basically transporting a mobile ladder repair center to an onsite location. Our Technicians cover 100's of square miles of distance to fill the needs of customers. Physically setting up to service a location takes time, travel expenses, & time involved communicating with managers. However, each technician strives to work efficiently while grouping service calls with various customers in a given area.

How long have you been in business, and are you qualified to repair ladder equipment?

We originally started repairing ladders around 1980 and became incorporated in 1984. We are the authorized repair vendor for most all major ladder manufacturing companies, and our certified repair technician's adhere to the ANSI, Manufacturer, & BellCore specifications, in following OSHA guidelines and regulations, while inspecting & repairing ladders.

What areas of the U.S. do you cover?

We have approximately 55 authorized Batavia Representatives that cover the entire U.S. including Hawaii, but excluding Alaska and PR at this time. We service some retail locations in Canada. We are also considering service of ladders in Canada, PR, and Mexico in the future.

Is there any other equipment you can repair related to ladders?

YES, we provide maintenance and repair for all types of ladder racks, including ladder rack padding kits to protect ladders. We can repair some & replace most ladder levelers, strobe lights for trucks and vans.

Can your technicians weld tubing on metal rolling ladders?


Is it better to repair than replace ladders?

It depends; there are several factors that should be weighed before making the choice. If you are an organization that uses ladders, safety should always be a concern. OHSA requires that all tools, including ladders, to be maintained in a safe condition. At Batavia we typically will not repair a ladder if it cost over half the price to replace a damaged ladder, unless customer request.

How does Batavia's inspection & repair program work?

We perform onsite ladder repair service. For example: A customer request service through our website or by phone. If you are a prospective new customer you will need to fill out a customer application form, and fax to our headquarters. Your information is sent to your local Batavia Representative who will set the appointment for service. Once appt is set, we ask that you organize your fleet of vehicles with ladders once every six months to 14 month period, depending on your needs. Batavia Representative will begin through an 8 to 10 point inspection- checking the most likely to most unexpected areas of ladders. Where defects and damage are found, we will list on a work proposal. Once onsite approval of repairs is confirmed (depending on the account & availability of onsite manager) then work will begin. We encourage management to work with your Batavia Representative during a 1st round inspection to understand how the program works, what areas of ladders we are finding ladder damage, what is causing the damage as well as why, and how it can be reduced in the future. Once the inspection and authorized repairs are complete, you will receive an invoice in the mail detailing all the repairs.

Can Batavia repair my ladder racks?


Does Batavia sell and install ladder accessories?

YES, we offer ladder levelers, cable hooks, V-rungs, wear rung sleeves, cable straps, and more.

How does the Batavia Inspection & Repair program benefit my organization?

Right away you will see the benefits, as well as in the future.

Your ladders have been properly inspected and repaired according to all safety standards, guidelines, and regulations.

By having an inspection & repair program you will have documentation that can satisfy the OSHA act & duty clause under 1910.28, 1910.25.

Safety of your ladder equipment will promote peace of mind for yourself and your employees, while reducing the litigious concerns over unsafe climbing equipment.

Batavia provides complete solutions for fiberglass wear, blooming, & degradation of fiberglass rails, through our cleaning and sealing program, as well as ladder rack repair, rack maintenance, and padding protection kits.

Batavia offers and installs most all types of ladder accessories, including ladder levelers, cable hooks, V-rungs, center point stickers, and more.

Probably one of the most appealing benefits is that you can greatly reduce the replacement cost of ladders, as well as maintain stability of your ladder repair cost.

How do I get a program started for my company or organization?

Call 1-800-231-6374 ext. 3140 or respond through the Contact Page of this website, and we will be glad to assist you!


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