Why have your ladders repaired?

Safety is job one and Batavia® is conscious of your safety needs. Batavia® is prepared to eliminate the stress involved in maintaining ladder equipment safety standards that comply with OSHA guidelines. Trained Technicians maintain the safety of your fiberglass & rolling ladders by following all guidelines, manufacturer specifications, and standards set by ANSI. Whatever the repair may be, welding, replacing parts, cleaning, lubing, adjusting and inspecting, Batavia® technicians are equipped to handle all your ladder maintenance needs.

Why have a quality inspection ?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that over 510,000 people are treated in medical facilities every year as a result of ladder accidents. In addition, there are over 300 deaths every year all related to ladders. That's almost one death per day!

We inspect and repair all types of ladders; such as Fiberglass Extension & Step, Metal Frame Rolling Ladders, Central Office Wooden Rolling Ladders, Bulk & Shopping Carts, as well as ladder racks.

Why Beneficial?

By maintaining safe rolling ladders, you are dramatically lowering the risk of injury, death, and practically eliminating the unnecessary cost of fines and legal expenses.

COST FACTOR: OSHA fines can range in the thousands per accident, costing you tens of thousands in legal fees. ACCIDENTS can cost companies legal fees, as well as potential lawsuits and even in some cases, prison time.

HUMAN FACTOR: OUR PROGRAM enables you to provide your employees a safer working environment with reduction of lost time injuries. We have been servicing the outdoor ladder needs of the Telecommunications and Cable Industry for over 27 years. Our customer base includes Verizon, Comcast, Cox, AT&T, Bed, Bath & Beyond, DirecTV, EchoStar-Dish Network, CenturyLink, SuddenLink, Time Warner, Cox, Charter, and many others. These customers have received significant cost savings and valuable benefits in the area of safety.

Take a look at these added benefits...

Damages/defects proactively detected, before accidents occur .

Minor repairs made quickly and efficiently (saves money).

Less downtime and safe working equipment, brings peace of mind.

Fully insured and factory authorized repairs

Warranty with repairs.

Inspection color coded sticker & serial numbered sticker placed on ladder to identify and document the history of all inspection and repairs.

Safety is our primary concern

During the repair process, the inspection & repairs shall be conducted in accordance with the ANSI & Manufacturer Specifications (PRS-436.117). Batavia also follows all OSHA guidelines regarding portable ladders.

Safe equipment, brings peace of mind

An inspection sticker with serial # shall be affixed inside the right hand side of the rail between the lower first and second rung of the base section. Additionally, a color-code year date sticker with month of service performed shall be affixed to outside fiberglass rail, giving your personnel peace of mind as they go about their work while using their ladders.

Contact us for an inspection today

Batavia’s trained technicians have been servicing the Telecommunications and Cable industry for over 25 years. Each Representative has the experience, knowledge, & trained skills needed to make sure that your ladders are maintained in a safe condition to greatly reduce the threat of liability and associated cost. Proper inspection, maintenance, and needed repairs will reduce your ladder replacements and cost, saving organizations valuable resources such as time and money.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how valuable of a cost saving service this has been for many companies nationwide and how it has protected our customers interest, investment, and the safety of their employees. Contact Us