Maintaining safe industrial ladders

We refurbish and maintain industrial ladders to comply with OSHA and ANSI standards, avoiding the need to dispose or discard every industrial ladder that is damaged. We repair all types of ladders. Learn More About Ladder Repair

Keeping your employees safe while not hurting your company's bottom line


Most companies take damaged ladders out of service, label them unsafe, and dispose of them. We have a valuable alternative that will keep your industrial ladders repaired to safety standards set by ANSI and ladder manufacturer's specifications while complying with all OSHA guidelines.

Our repair program consists of inspecting your ladders and presenting a work proposal. Upon approval by an authorized personnel, we then perform the necessary on-site repairs to make the ladders safe again. The service reduces liability issues, as well as defects, and ladder replacement cost. In addition, our ladder rack protection kit, and Clean n' Seal program which is a part of our repair service, has reduced ladder defects by 30% or greater in most cases. Our programs also greatly reduce the replacement cost of ladders, cuts maintenance budget expenditures and in turn reduces ladder accessory & ancillary costs.

This results in reduced liability issues for customers, reduces the effects of environmental elements & UV rays, and normal wear, as well as wear from improper use of ladder equipment and the damaging effects of ladder racks, all of these factors can impact future repair cost.

Our goal is to help our customers reduce future repair cost and reduce your ladder replacement cost, which brings value and a lasting relationship. Learn More About Ladder Repair